15 July 2009


So, I'm new to this phenomenon that is blogging and not exactly sure where to start. I suppose, however, that the beginning is a pretty safe place. Ergo, the chair that started it all.
When I moved to Charleston from New York last fall, I decided to rent the second floor of a carriage house downtown and immediately set about making it my own. After painting and arranging and rearranging and antiquing and thrift-storing and all of these wonderful things, I felt as though my little home was complete, but I soon realized that I was lacking one key element: seating. I intended to make friends and knew that I would eventually need somewhere to put them; so naturally, I went to my parents' house to go shopping in the attic. I returned with an old dining room chair recently purchased at a neighbor's yard sale. I wasn't a huge fan of the dingy fabric or the peeling finish, but nonetheless, I had solved my seating crisis. The chair remained in this beaten state for days, until one evening, sitting directly across from it, I spotted my golden yellow tea kettle and all of this began...