17 July 2009


Recently featured in Charleston Home magazine, the color pairing of gold and deep aubergine is nothing short of regal. Though both colors made an appearance in the Crayola bold color collection at some point in my childhood, it has been awhile since I personally have put them together. Because of their relative richness, these tones can sometimes be an overpowering couple, but this particular chair, with its cabriole legs and gentle curving lines, is at once elegant and understated enough to host them both. My recently renewed affection for "power purple" has as much to do with its current emergence in fashion as it does with eggplant's ability to merge effortlessly and subtly into most traditional and contemporary settings. The brown hues of stained wood that one might expect from a sideways glance at an occassional chair are not far from the undertones of aubergine, which lends a wonderful element of surprise on closer inspection. This same characteristic is what gives an otherwise cool color the warm depth to offset and complement the gold, fantastically textured fabric. Pair with white for a clean, crisp look!