13 October 2009

haute chair
It is only reasonable for one to assume that following the wedding season of your generation of friends that the baby season will not be far behind, however, I assure you, it has taken me by surprise! Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED--more than thrilled--for all of my soon-to-be-moms-and-dads friends; it has just taken me a little off guard! I feel quite educated on folic acid regimens and trimester timelines, but lets be honest. Part of the fun of these blessed little people is in preparing for their arrival (namely, while they are still quiet): decorating the nursery, stocking up on clothes, wandering through aisles filled with such exciting finds as desitin and bottles...

Once the baby arrives, life consists primarily of eating and sleeping, so these two functions quickly begin to fill the minds of soon to be new parents (at least in my experience). So in honor of the first of these two activities, I give you... haute chair.

While the nursery is the child's exclusive domain, your kitchen and/or dining room will still (hopefully) remain pleasantly civilized and adult, with one exception: the highchair. So why should it be boring or basic? There are so many great options... all waiting to be customized, not just to match your existing space but to accent it! What better way to celebrate the new one's arrival? What a great and thoughtful gift! Fun for the parents and good for the child... as I recently learned that high visual contrast helps with brain development. Tomorrow, we'll focus on a baby's other favorite activity: sleeping!