19 October 2009

The official debut of allora.signature.CANDIA--an exciting way to start an otherwise boring Monday! I know several of you may have seen the sneak peak of CANDIA last week, and I'm positively certain that you are dying for the details about these fabulous chairs. Well, fret no more. Different than any other chairs in the allora collections, this pair is made of tubular metal, rather than the usual wood. This is exciting for several reasons, however, perhaps the most exciting benefit of this material is its resistance to the perils of outdoor living. Yes, allora.signature.CANDIA will work outside! The chairs themselves have been coated in Rustoleum enamel in cobalt blue, while the seats are covered in an equally hardy white vinyl. Is it possible to be so instantly retro and so instantly contemporary all in the same moment? I would say yes. Bold. Blue. Beautiful. These chairs define the space of the table so wonderfully with their high backs, while providing fresh character to their screen porch home! Click here to see allora.signature.CANDIA back in August.