02 November 2009

dining with jeff

As you all know, I've been working on getting my new and awesomely huge screen porch in working order, particularly in time for the lovely fall weather. I have visions of myself snuggled up on a day bed in the sun--perhaps in a snuggie--reading a good book, watering my ferns as they grow bigger and greener, and last but not least, serving friends delicious chili around my science-lab-desk-turned-dining-table. Designing with a budget that tends to get way-laid by irresistible items, such as sweater vests at J. Crew, I'm taking this a day at a time, but thanks to ikea, I'm well on my way to the chili dream. Enter Jeff. Best dining companion ever. He's sleek, cheap, and oh so practical. It was love at first sight when I spotted him online, but I was slightly dismayed when (in typical ikea fashion) he was only available for purchase in store. Bah! Luckily, my incredible sister was planning a trip to Atlanta, so I didn't have to wait long for this new man in my life (x4!)... I love Jeff for lots of reasons. He's $9.99, quite the acrobat (you can see how he folds), happy to stay outside, good to sit on, and of course, because not every chair needs to stand out (Jeff hangs with allora.signature.CANDIA and the ladies can be quite diva-like).