02 October 2009

got ikat?
Alright, so I know that we are all familiar with the lovely textile that is ikat. It had quite a run of popularity in fashion last spring, and several of you probably even own a garment made from its distinct weave; have you, however, considered ikat for your home?
I must admit, until recently I thought of ikat as a great fabric for dresses and skirts, but I have quite suddenly been overwhelmed with requests and/or suggestions for allora chairs upholstered in it. Typically ikat comes in a melange of earth tones and muted hues, but there are also several bright patterns and bold, dichromatic versions available in broad ranges of color. If it is appropriate to refer to this ancient weave's aesthetic as pixelated, I am not sure, but the playful variance of focused and blurred patterns truly provides a visual treat and can be a classic, yet subtle way to add some oomph to your room! Have a great weekend!