06 November 2009

word of the day: cabriole
I love how Dr. Suess-like that sounds: word of the day: cabriole. Fun for a Friday! In my recent work with chairs (and some recent reading), I've discovered that there are several very descriptive words that are used to identify styles and details of chairs. Not only do I love this word--its fun to say!--I love the style, and I love that I first encountered this word in ballet several years ago, where it means a quick, jumping, brushing of the legs. In the world of furniture, however, cabriole refers to the curve that flows so seamlessly from concave to convex on the legs of a chair (or settee or coffee table or what have you). This motion very appropriately reminds me of the set of French curves that I purchased in my first year of architecture school, so that I could draft these movements by hand. One of my very favorite chairs, allora.custom.KATHWOOD features cabriole legs; for more information click here. And have a great weekend!