30 July 2009

coming soon.
I haven't shown too many "before" images, but I am so excited about this little gossip bench that I have to post it, even in its raw state. I am fascinated by this vintage chair type, which originated in the 1950s to provide seating for people making phone calls--thus the fun nickname. I tend to imagine these "gossipy" calls occurring in a Pleasantville-esque setting, perhaps--scandalously?--after 9:00 pm, but I digress. Though it has been five years since I've had a landline, this piece makes me want to go out and find a brightly colored rotary phone to sit and talk on for hours. For more practical (and mobile) chatters, the great shelves are also perfect for flowers or, my favorite, books. I have a couple ideas in mind for this gossip bench and, of course as are all the unfinished chairs, it is available as an allora.CUSTOM chair as well. Look for the finished product soon!