12 November 2009

happy colors
I am so happy that Taco Boy is downtown these days. Where else can one get delicious flights of tequila and a healthy dose of fun color all in the same place? If that doesn't spell out a remedy for recession, I'm not sure what does. In addition to good food and good friends, Taco Boy deserves a shout out for their creative bathroom decor--I love a good surprise when I walk into a bathroom! These contained little spaces are very often mundane, so anyone that gives them a little attention gets an A in my book. Most of you have probably noticed the uber cool Mexican maps in the main restrooms, but have you ventured to the ones outside? If there is an award for the most creative use of marmoleum, these people should get it. The walls are covered in brightly colored tiles made of this earth-friendly material. I might not recommend it for your home, but its definitely worth a trip to take in the fun colors! Lucky me, I'll be there tonight!