18 September 2009

my dearest readers,
PLEASE pardon the absence! It was not without good reason (well, a few of them...)! Some of you may know, but approximately 20 days ago I was confronted with the disappointing and shocking news that a. the "big house" in front of my carriage house had been sold and b. I needed to be out as soon as possible. Given the fact that my weekends exist in a perpetual wedding season and with football starting up, I realized that "sooner rather than later" meant immediately and set out to find a new place and move all of my possessions in the time span of one week. Add to that a big interview in Columbia for work, and I was down to the three day mark when I finally got looking. Luckily my mom and sister-in-law were able to do a lot of the ground work for me, and we found the perfect place! Coincidentally, it is only 2 blocks north of where I was before... and still on Rutledge! There is plenty of room for all of the chairs, which is exactly what I've been needing. Though the walls are all boring beige, the ceilings are a soaring 12'. Needless to say, I won't be painting them... sigh... but I'm already working out other ways to brighten the place up! SO, I wanted to share some images of the new NORTH{rutledge} studio (basically what I've been doing after work instead of blogging)!

I'm not quite sure if its the time of year or my new favorite lamp (from the Habitat ReStore) but wonderful, bold, beautiful orange has quickly set itself aside as the color inspiration for the new pad. I've always been partial to coral, the lovely and delicate relative of orange, but perhaps the Auburn girl in me has come out at long last--I am now full-fledged in the orange camp! You'll recognize some items from the old place--i.e. my trusty old NY map (which will help integrate a whole pallette of great colors!) as well as some new items, like my awesome new coasters (complements of hip city chic Corona). I also couldn't resist throwing my CADC 100 book out on the coffee table for just a little more of that bright orange pop. War eagle. Now that I'm feeling a little more settled, I'll get back to working on some chairs! Jimmy & Logan, you're up next! Have a great weekend everyone!