20 July 2009

217 E. 82ND ST. NO. 5A. Though the location was ideal, the countertops granite and the appliances new, this wonderful address was lacking only one thing: space. My roomates and I took to decorating, focusing on organization to overcome the minimal area. As for my room, I decided to conquer the square feet with color. With the first few strokes of paint came the overwhelming feeling that I had made the wrong decision. My deep salmon was more of an electric coral, but I didn't have the time, energy, or budget to back down. I painted through the week, one wall a night, until my little room was complete. My white bedding and shelves helped offset the color of the walls, and it actually started to grow on me. Convinced that bold was the way to go in this small space, I went to West Elm and picked up a zebra rug, which managed to successfully hold its own with the bright walls. I was in love!

A short 13 months later, I primed the walls, rolled up the rug, rented a Rav-4, and reluctantly left my cozy oasis in the city. In my new place, the kitchen is the same shade of coral, and the rug is in my room. When I came across this brown and white zebra fabric, I just couldn't resist!