17 November 2009

before & after:

allora.signature.GIRARDEAU is the perfect example of an adequate-but-wallflower before turned into an interesting-accent after with a few minor changes. The "bones" of this chair are remarkable; it is well-designed, but the shrimp and taupe colors of the fabric were only dated more by the linear pattern of the cushion and highlighted by the dark finish of the chair. Sara's choice of bright red enamel gives this chair a personality, while the jungle print's non-directional pattern is bold without being distracting.

before & after:
Today's before and after images of allora.signature.CANDIA show the transition of a pair of rusted lawn chairs into mod accent chairs on my very own screen porch. By scraping and treating the rust and finishing the metal chairs with a rustoleum enamel in cobalt, this pair was given a new life. Add white vinyl upholstered seat cushions, and you've got an instantly updated look!