16 July 2009

allora meets vale'

BLOG NO.2. Here we go. I was recently lucky enough to visit Spain--which is great for a lot of reasons, but particularly wonderful because I got to travel for two weeks with my sister, Lauren. I might add here that Lauren is fully fluent in Spanish and a master of the Spanish lifestyle, making her the perfect guide. She not only spent two weeks translating my terrible Spanish to shopkeepers and waiters, she also patiently indulged my need to visit everything of architectural significance in each city we went. Although I am slightly conflicted by the work of Antoni Gaudi, I couldn't imagine being in Barcelona and not paying homage to some of his most famous works. It turns out that I'm actually a much bigger fan of Gaudi's than I initially thought. I particularly enjoy his ergonomic details, from oddly but appropriately shaped door knobs to highly designed furniture, such as this great chair at the Casa Mila. Obviously made for a couple, the chair almost forces you to lean in, and every inch is made to accomodate your body. We had a great time testing it out!