05 November 2009

the new computer chair
When clients inquire about a chair, I love to ask them what they plan to do with it; mainly this is because I am quite attached to all of these chairs, but also, I'm always looking for new ideas--and it is quite interesting to find out what people are doing with their spaces. That said, the past three chairs that I have parted with (most recently, allora.custom.GIRARDEAU) have coincidentally all been used for the same unique purpose: desk chairs. Why didn't I think of that? I've given a lot of thought to this "market" that I never anticipated and have come to a few conclusions: 1. Most of us are in that post-college, pre-"adult" time in life that involves work (yes...) but does not yet include the ideal salary (no...), however; 2. we have our "beat up and dying but we can't afford a new one" computers that function just well enough to need a dedicated desk, ergo: 3. we don't have the room in our homes for a proper home office, so the desk for the computer goes in our living area.
This contemporary addition to the young adult's home is not something that our parents' generation dealt with. So, how to incorporate? I've found inspiration for integrating work areas (my personal one also includes a sewing machine that is often interchanged with the old laptop) on several design blogs, but what better way to make this unique aspect of your room versatile than to give it an interesting chair that can be used later (sans desk)? I learn new things about myself everyday, but one thing I know for sure is that I'm happy to "splurge" on things that are utilitarian in nature or have another use. Basically, since I have a desk chair already (and its not moving out of my living room anytime soon), why shouldn't I make it a fun and interesting place where I want to be? What a great (and responsible!) way to give the place a face lift!