26 July 2009

allora for friends.
If you're like me and have been on a wedding marathon for the past couple years, you might be looking for something unique and original to give to your friends in celebration of their marriage. Though towels are arguably interesting, the odds of a couple picking one up in two years and remembering how thoughtful and touching a gift it was are probably slim to none. While melding two styles, weeding out "college furniture," searching for new peices and planning a wedding all at the same time might be some people's cup of tea, others return from their honeymoon and begin the nesting process amidst white boxes and bundles of tissue paper. Why not give them the opportunity to design their own chair--one that will fit in perfectly with his leather sofa AND her Danish coffee table? allora home gift certificates are available for just that! contact marymac@allorahome.com for specifics.