03 November 2009

bright shiny morning
Bright Shiny Morning isn't only the name of one of my favorite books by James Frey, it is also one of my favorite parts of "falling back." The extra hour of sleep only lasts for one night (and the sun goes down before I leave work), but the sunshine on my porch in the morning is positively splendid! This chair is not quite done (or its partner--more later!), but I am so excited that the cushions (even without the zippers that they will get soon) are finally sittable! I'm test driving this lounge chair type and honing my sewing schools, so you might be seeing more of this look available in the future! At any rate, the fall light on my porch this morning made me want to share this sneak peak--be on the lookout for this chair's "official" debut (and name) sometime next week!