10 November 2009

'tis the season
...for turkeys, mistletoe, and unexpected house guests! Be prepared for the mysterious re-emergence of dear old Uncle Joe Bob without wasting valuable floor space (that would be better used for air mattresses or small children anyway...) by stocking up on some exciting and versatile folding chairs! The image above is from anthropologie, and though I truly love the chairs, they are a little on the expensive side at almost $200 apiece... yikes! You could have the same thing, customized for less than half the price; and the possibilities for adding cheer are virtually endless. Think fabrics in different (yet coordinating) colors, patterns, and textures brought together by a bold color enamel--I don't know about you, but this gets me excited for the holidays and ready to plan for some festivities! The more the merrier with extra folding chairs!